Earn Gems and EigenLayer Points

GenesisLRT introduces a new exciting opportunity to participate in airdpods, both EigenLayer's and GenesisLRT's.

Meet genPoints or Gems!

genPoints or Gems

genETH holders will earn genPoints (Gems) that will make them eligible for the token airdrop of 3% of the total circulation supply.

Gems & EigenLayer Points

All the users who restake with GenesisLRT will be eligible to receive both Gems and EigenLayer points.

How to Earn Gems

You will start receiving Gems as soon as you stake ETH with GenesisLRT. The other available ways to earn Gems include:

— Taking up and completing missions on MissionHub.

— Referral program (coming soon).

Gems will be distributed at individual levels proportionate to the amount of ETH restaked.

No minimum amount is imposed, meaning any amount of restaked ETH will earn you Gems.

Gems for new restakes may take 15 mins to a couple of hours to show on the Dashboard.

New integrations and DeFi use cases will soon let you receive Gems by interacting with some protocols.

Gems Formula

The number of daily Gems is calculated the following way:

Daily Points = Amount of ETH staked x 1000

So, 0.001 ETH will give you 10 Gems a day, while 0.01 ETH — 100 a day, and 1 ETH — 1000 a day.

The total number of points received by you as a single user depends on the number of days you stake with GenesisLRT:

Total Number of Points = Daily Points x Number of Days

Currently, GenesisLRT does not impose any point limits, however, we reserve the right to change this in the future if needed.

Where Will I Find My Gems?

You will be able to find your Gems on the Dashboard you used to stake your ETH.

Can I Transfer or Lose My Points?

No, either is impossible. Your points are always safe with you, and they only stop accruing once you've unstaked all your ETH.

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