We plan to start Genesis on EigenLayer and expand to other Layer2 networks after the Mainnet version.

Q3 2023

  1. Pre-seed raising of $200k to kick-start the project.

  2. Minimum viable product.

Q4 2023

  1. Seed raising of $1.26M to cover hiring, audit and pre-marketing expenses.

  2. 1st Audit.

  3. Testnet

  4. Deployment of genETH to Mainnet.

Q1 2024

  1. Finalizing the seed round raise & raising private round $3.0M for covering the team's operational expenses for at least 2 years, marketing, token listing, audit expenses, and research.

  2. Expansion to other Layer 2 chains using restaking.

  3. Deployment of Genesis Governance Token (GEN).

  4. 2nd Audit.

  5. Development of Flash Unstaking and Insurance on-chain.

Q2 2024

  1. TGE (Token Generation Event) and airdrop of GEN tokens to early participants.

  2. Development of Bridge + Extract restaking rewards + Auto-compounding.

Q3–4 2024

  1. Development of Omnichain LRT.

  2. Development of restaking marketplace (rNFT) — modular LRT.

  3. Continue the research and integrations with Eigen Layer.

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