GenesisLRT supercharges your ETH by enabling you to stake your ETH on not just one, but multiple networks at once, thereby maximizing your rewards. It applies EigenLayer to empower you to restake your assets.

It earns you extra profits, bolsters the security of the network, and allows you to unlock the restaked liquidity with the liquid restaked token genETH.

Genesis offers users the possibility to have a customizable restaking experience by being able to choose their operators, validators, and AVSs (Actively Validated Service) for the best experience and yields available in the market.

Genesis Advantages

The most important advantages of Genesis are:

  • Low-Risk Profile: It keeps the low-risk profile of EigenLayer, eliminating the need to attract yield farmers directly into the ecosystem and increasing the risk. Yield farmers can continue DeFi composability and yield farming via Genesis Protocol.

  • Heightened Security: It supports multi-sig wallets, implements on-chain monitoring, analytics, and regularly undergoes security audits. All that results in lower risks and faster response to threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Better UX: It allows users to choose their own operators, validators, and AVSs. That also translates into a healthier security of the network and lower total fees.

  • Higher Yields: It brings an opportunity to expand market share while increasing yields.

  • Defi Composability Enabled: It offers yield through restaking while maintaining the liquidity of assets. The potential for further DeFi composability also provides additional yield opportunities besides restaking.

  • Scalability: It is more scalable to generate rewards on top of LSTs (support of LSTs is a planned feature of GenesisLRT) than yield farming on protocols on Layer1 chains.

  • Maintained Liquidity: Ensuring assets remain liquid.

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